Felix scores with his skills as a programmer and his unbroken determination. After his high school diploma and the military intermediate year, he raced through his studies without interruption and completed his master's degree in computer science within 5 years. His interests in IT range from human-computer interaction to the latest VR/AR technologies.

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The constant change of technology opens up completely new ways of interaction, not only between humans but also between man and machine. Due to his fascination for modernisation, Felix always keeps himself up to date and applies that know-how in his projects.

He is particularly interested in the fusion of virtual and physical reality. While the first smartphone appeared on the market only a few years ago, virtual realities can now already be created that immerse you completely in a different world, be it in a computer game or in history lessons at school. This not only excites Felix's inner gamer, but also offers him new platforms for the realization of novel business ideas.

When he's not quietly reading a book in the garden or playing on the computer, Felix is often on the move, be it with the archery club, by motorbike or simply for a beer after work with his colleagues. He loves to travel, which goes hand in hand with his love of motorcycling.