Jonas joined the Cyber Security Team in his first year at ETH where he competed against other teams around the world. This and his experience from his one-year internship as Site Reliability Engineering make him an excellent architect of secure and scalable systems.

Hours listening to audio book per month
Affected websites of his found vulnerability
Litres of water per day

Cyber Security is a research area that is ever in motion: New technologies are constantly emerging that need to be tested for security, defenders are finding a new way to protect systems and attackers a new way to bypass these mechanisms. Analyzing protocols or programs is often rewarded by finding a flaw in a system that allows you to bypass security mechanisms. It also changes the mentality with which one approaches the planning and programming of systems: One constantly asks oneself ""Is it safe?"".

In his first year at ETH, Jonas joined a cyber security team that meets in its spare time and solves hacking puzzles. These hacking puzzles usually consist of a system that you have to analyze to find a flaw. You then have to use this deficiency to take over the available machines. Solving these puzzles is extremely exciting, because one knows that although the system looks safe, there must be a solution. The finding often requires very detailed knowledge about the interaction of individual components in the system.

Jonas is also a very good backend developer: He has programmed many internal applications that are actively used by infix or his friends. Tasks that he has to do several times, he simply automates away with a program. This makes him very efficient. During his one-year internship as a Site Reliability Engineer in London, he learned a lot about designing and programming scalable systems. Jonas now puts this knowledge to good use in the development of applications.

When Jonas isn't in front of the computer, he enjoys meals together with his friends. Thanks to his pasta machine there is often fresh pasta. He likes listening to audio books while he is commuting, shopping or cleaning up. His favourite genre: Fantasy.