3D Mouthguard

For the dutch company 3D Mouthguard specialised in the manufacturing of custom-fit mouthguards, we developed the software dedicated to the automated fitting of scanned teeth geometries to a generic mouthguard model.

3D Mouthguard is a Dutch company specialised in creating custom mouthguards for professional athletes.

A scanning device is employed to scan an athlete’s teeth. The resulting digital 3D geometry is then processed and fitted to a generic mouthguard model. The teeth are then imprinted onto the mouthguard model. The resulting model (see images) can then be 3D printed to obtain the final mouthguard.

infix developed the software responsible for the entire process from scanned input all the way to printable mouthguard model. This required expertise in the area of Digital Geometry Progessing. Custom algorithms were developed to identify the axis of symmetry and deformation models based on the ARAP energy were applied. The framework CORK was used to handle the boolean operations.