We offer expertise and experience in various areas. We develop, implement and maintain platforms of any size, from simple web applications to complex systems with many subcomponents. We also teach the next generation of information technology specialists in specific subjects.


We love to share our knowledge and do so in the form of courses and talks for our clients. These range from a 5-day Linux basic course to presentations explaining our work methodology.

Embedded Systems and HomeKit

In the area of embedded systems, we are extending devices from everyday life with HomeKit. HomeKit is Apple's answer to home automation and allows easy control of all HomeKit-compatible devices from an iOS device. Products from different manufacturers can work together, be it Ikea's light bulbs or Logitech cameras.

Software Engineering

Software engineering is our core business. We pride ourselves in developing applications of exceeding quality with low maintenance cost, while remaining highly const-effective.

System Administration

Even the best application will not run reliably without a stable system. We install, administrate and monitor Linux servers, be it a single system or a Kurbernetes cluster. Preferably everything automated without manual intervention.

Digital Geometry Processing and Visual Computing

We have extensive knowledge in the field of Visual Computing and Geometry Processing. We develop sophisticated solutions for custom geometry processing pipelines or application specific rendering. Furthermore, we have the experties to model and render products, architecture and other scenes through a variety of software solutions such as Blender and C4D.