Building on his basic technical training in the metal industry, Aurel combines his experience in process design with the skills acquired at ETH Zurich in programmatic geometry and image processing. His focus on structured processes and effective project implementation guarantees efficient solutions.

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Cook yourself days a week... almost

Originally trained as a polymechanic, Aurel transitioned via the Passerelle and an internship in 3D animation into ETH and the world of computer science. Following his interest in computer graphics and geometry processing, he specialized in these fields in his Bachelor and Masters. In the course of his education, he also dealt in depth with various technologies in the field of artificial intelligence. In order to implement this knowledge effectively in complex applications, he deals with the various methods and concepts of software development.

His professional experience in the metal industry led him to question entrepreneurial structures. This resulted in an interest in the various factors that make a successful organisation. His willingness to invest in his own company was thus given.

In the management of infix he is entrusted with the quality management and the optimization of various processes. He plans the internal audits and is responsible for the development of potentially necessary measures.

For him, there is only one compensation: running. No matter how turbulent everyday working life may be, a good run brings new energy and calmness. He loves cooking just as much, preferably new recipes (for example, he recommends the ingenious method for ricotta gnocchi by Kenji Lopez Alt). And when he takes a week or two off, he likes to travel to faraway countries. Those are simply the most exciting adventures!