Linard successfully combines his many years of experience in the field of Bluetooth communication with skills learned at ETH, including embedded systems. This makes him an excellent consultant and developer in hardware-related projects as well as in the selection or development of protocols. His rational way of thinking allows him to create sophisticated system architectures that can abstract entire platforms.

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Hours under water in 2017
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Linard has already worked with Hamilton Bonaduz AG to develop a cloud-based platform for the online viewing of sensor readings as part of his Matura thesis. Building on this, a long-term collaboration has developed, which has provided Linard with insights and valuable experience with Bluetooth, Zigbee as well as serial communication. By studying computer science at the ETH Zurich, Linard has successfully complemented his practical experience with theoretical knowledge. He particularly enjoys compiler construction and acquired profound knowledge in the areas of operating systems and networks.

Through an internship in the Apple HomeKit area, Linard was able to apply and prove all his skills. This exciting and cutting-edge technology brought infix a new business area. Already, a kitchen appliance was made HomeKit compatible.

In addition to his main activity as project manager and developer, Linard also holds the position of data protection officer. His interest in law, in combination with ETH lectures on the law of information security, makes him an optimal candidate for this position.

As a balance, Linard enjoys the undisturbed silence underwater and enjoys the flora and fauna while diving. He also attaches great importance to the interpersonal aspects of diving, causing him to round off almost every dive with a dinner together. He has found his favourite destination in the nearby Mediterranean Sea and enjoys diving at an extinct volcano far away from mass tourism.