Due to his many years of professional experience and his education at the Bern University of Applied Sciences, Pascal is a true full-stack engineer. From Layer 1 to Layer 7, he can always give valuable inputs. In addition to managing projects, his focus is on DevOps and Security.

>= 5
Terminal windows
Loves to eat good food
± 4h
Music per day

After completing an apprenticeship in IT, Pascal went to the Bern University of Applied Sciences to deepen his knowledge. Bare theory is not for him. Both during his apprenticeship and during his extra-occupational studies with a focus on security, he appreciates the practice and the experience that goes with it.

From Oracle database development in PL/SQL through hardware design in Verilog to the wiring of storage servers, he has already dealt with an enormous range of topics. However, his technical focus lies in the area of DevOps, the development and operation of scalable infrastructure solutions and everything that goes with them. To him, interacting with a Linux terminal is like second nature.

Pascal is always well organized with his Kanban boards. In his projects, he makes sure that even the smallest wish is not forgotten, and as a member of the management team, he ensures that nothing goes haywire internally.

In case he should have some free time, he likes to treat himself to a cold beer with friends or can be found at a concert. When he's not talking to someone, music is his constant companion. He often moves into sub genres that make other people shiver.