As a member of the management board, Tim primarily takes care of a smooth financial process at infix. Besides his economic know-how Tim is a passionate web developer and knows the technology landscape very well.

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km cycling per week (also in winter)
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After an intensive internship as a business auditor at KPMG, Tim began studying computer science at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). Despite passing his assessment exam, he moved to the University of Zurich after one year, where he has been studying business informatics since then.

Thanks to his broad knowledge in this area, he was able to support infix right from the founding phase and has always been a member of the management board. There he holds the position of Chief Financial Officer and ensures that accounting processes run smoothly.

Tim also has a lot to offer in the technical area: He is a passionate web developer. His many years of experience in this area enable him to solve even tricky problems with a high degree of efficiency. Projects in which he is involved benefit from his dedication to absolute perfection. For him, a project is only completed when he has tested and documented all quality features meticulous precisely.

Tim is a cultural jack-of-all-trades: he enjoys poetry slam, concerts, readings or simply a cosy evening with good food and a glass of whiskey. He loves to ride his bike as a sporty balance. Thus, one can easily find him abroad with his bicycle, and in case it is not possible, a fast racing cycle is rented without further ado. On his numerous tours he always sets the best times.