von Rotz

In order to not only get to know theoretical aspects of the computer and its programming during his ETH computer science studies, Vincent soon started to work on various projects. Thanks to the wide range of experience he has gained, he can make a valuable contribution to any project, be it as a developer or manager.

of working days commuting by bicycle
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Apple per day (to keep the doctor away)

From an early age, Vincent spent most of his free minutes with a computer. Studying computer science at ETH with a focus on distributed systems was almost pre-programmed. In the course of his studies he got to know the exciting aspects of small and large software projects, and applied his new knowledge eagerly in various applications. He already has a lot of experience in mobile application development, but he has also successfully implemented several web projects.

His sense for perfection, which he sharpened during years of piano study, helps him as a project manager and developer to ensure that every project is thought through down to the last detail and can only be called ""finished"" after extensive testing.

In addition to his work on customer projects, Vincent is also committed to infix in other ways: He takes over organizational tasks, ensures that infix' internal communication is sound and is responsible for employee satisfaction. In this function, he maintains close contact with everyone involved in infix in order to identify all problems at an early stage and clarify all discrepancies as smoothly as possible.

When the day's work is done, Vincent relaxes with classical music and a book. But even after he has closed his work computer, he still spends some time in front of the screen: He also loves to sink into the wide world of a video game or compete online with others for virtual race victories. At least within infix, no one will dispute his title of Mario Kart King in the near future."