Hamilton ArcAir

We developed a platform-independent application for a major sensor manufacturer that allows the monitoring and control of their sensors. For this purpose, the expertise of countless areas had to be combined - be it web technologies, radio standards or serial communication.

We developed a cross platform application for Hamilton Bonaduz AG that runs on iOS, Android and Desktop Windows. The application handles communication with the different products the company offers such as sensors.

The application was realized in collaboration with the customer and another party tasked with the frontend. We were responsible for the implementation of the platform specific logic and the design and implementation of an abstraction layer that provides a uniform interface to access the underlying system functionality, such as bluetooth communication, on each device.

The application has the additional functionality of supporting Hamilton’s customers in complying with the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) by seamlessly documenting all interactions with the sensors.

Guaranteeing the uniformity of the interface on each platform required expert knowledge of the low level behaviour of each system. To ensure a smooth collaboration with the other parties, well defined processes were enforced.